Gimme Yer Keys

by Case Race

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Brew Crew 02:14
What other songs can I sing in the same old key? I try to keep it simple but it always ends up sounding the same. How many beers can I drink? How many shots of whiskey? It's never been a competition to me. But I'm not saying I can't keep up with the best of them. You know I only got 2 hands. I think I'm bound to lose count. Don't start without me. I've been drinking for 3 days straight now. Who's gonna tell me not to? Last time I checked I'm 25 years old and I don't have a girlfriend. And she said "Chris V, you're looking a little bit tipsy". Isn't that the point of drinking? I go back to work this month and I'll tighten up. For now I'm on vacation. I've been drinking for 10 days straight now. Who's gonna tell me not to. Last time I checked I'm grown but I ain't dead yet. And I still don't have a girlfriend. If I don't change soon I'll lose most of my friends and I'll never have a girlfriend.
I'm dying on the inside. Don't bury me. I'm still alive. I don't need to say goodbye. Promised I'd never leave your side. You were crying and stormed outside. Don't worry. I'm still by your side. But I won't wasted another day with someone who just wants to waste the rest of their life with me. And I know it just goes to show that you have to let go.
No Use 06:12
He's not trying to impress her. He's just looking to undress her. And she's always looking over his shoulder And he acts like he don't even know her. But if she gets too attached then she'll never leave the sack. And she'll ruin all his chances of him ever getting his ex back. He said he wanted to date her. In 2 weeks I know he will hate her. Cause he's so afraid to be single and I know she's just trying to mingle. But it's him that's feeling sorry, but only for himself. Cause he doesn't have the strength to take his sorrows and just keep them to himself She's so afraid to be alone. He's just looking to bone. You never showed any interest. You only want her cause somebody else's. You know you never gave 2 shits. You never wanted her till she was his He's way too stubborn to walk away with pride. He doesn't care whether she either lives or if she dies. He'll do it one more time. I told him time and time again. He just says he wants a girlfriend. I don't know what is left to say. Soon you'll be dead anyway.
20 Something 02:27
Don't be afraid to settle down. You're not as young as you used to be. Probably running out of opportunities. Try not to feel like you're missing out. It's not crazy to think you've reached your prime, at 27. You don't have to go out every night. But they say you're only as old as your youngest friends. (You made that shit up) So what if I did? I don't wanna be tied down. I'm too good for you. I'm out of your league. I know a guy who's perfect for you. He doesn't smoke weed and he doesn't drink brew. He's a good looking guy, I guess. But that's all I'll say. I won't ruin it for you. You can figure it out for yourself. I don't want a punk rock girl. She's probably be too intimidating. Denim jacket, tattoos, 20 something piercings. I don't want a hipster. How would I impress her? I don't own enough records. No witty sense of humor. I'm not afraid to settle down. There's probably a girl who's perfect for me. But the timings probably wrong and will probably always be.
All he ever wanted was for her to be around. Now who’s gonna pick him the fuck up when he is down? Pauly loves punk rock, loves the way it sounds. All the punk rock girls can’t leave him alone. He’s got a 007 and a fat j-bone. George put it on his tab. Dancing around with a smile on his face, he asked the punk rock girl to come back to his place. George paid for the cab. Pauly loves punk rock. Pauly loves punk rock girls, too. He don’t care, blue hair, piercing, and tattoos. Pauly loves punk rock. Pauly loves punk rock girls, too. Grab a rocks glass and meet him in the back room. Wrestling around on his queen size bed. She sees his bad brains tattoo, and then she gives him head. He bites the pillow to keep from screaming. Hit him up after work or before the gym. They stop at wilde ave and they go for a spin. He’s only high, but he thinks he’s dreaming. How come you’re not there yet?
She said "I've been thinking about you for however many days it's been since we met." And I know that it would sound creepy coming from me but it just goes straight to my head. Maybe it's the sweet little nothings that she whispers in my ear in a language I can't understand. But I got this funny feeling she's crazy and I'm just glad I never showed her where I live. (Ricky) I heard she got a boyfriend at home but she handles herself. At least, that's the vibe that I get. She keeps up with us when she drinks and carries a knife in her back pocket
Words 02:50
When I finally saw your face, it made me feel so small. But I know you still remember what you told me when you called. Those three little words. But they never meant a thing. Now my heart is broken and I’m left with nothing. Made I should’ve listened to my friends. Well, I know you were intoxicated. I wasn’t drunk at all. But I know, I made it pretty clear to you that I wasn’t standing tall. And I feel like a nerd. Cuz I’m good at nothing. And im still writing songs about you cause I don know what to do. And it might sound absurd, but I was just saying. Its been such a long time now (and its not that I care that much.) and I haven’t done anything. Maybe I should’ve take your advice. Don’t think twice. Do what’s right.
Just an old fling. But she remembers it different. She still calls me when she's wasted. You called me 30 minutes ago. It's been a half hour. Where are you? We're not as cool as we think but we got a case of beer. Paul said he called dibs but she's looking at me, I swear. As if it held any weight. I been calling dibs all day. Did she hear me? Just an old fling. We never dated She's not as cute as she thinks but I'll probably take her home. Cause I know she's just drunk and she don't wanna go alone. Does that make it wrong? I don't care if it does. Cause I'm wasted. And she's wasted. What's the difference? What do they think? I'm wasted
Monster 02:35
She said “ horror movies scare the shit out of me. So wrap your arms around me. Don’t let me be.” She said “ being alone is way too scary.” But when you’re up at school you got someone keeping you company. I remember when I was a boy. I didn’t have a care in the world. Now I’m all alone, depressed over some girl. This isn’t quite what I pictured growing up to be. So painful and alone. I’m no longer 23. So painful and so alone. I used to think it was a catch but it just snatched me up from the beginning. I know I’ve been acting weird lately. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I wouldn’t ever put anything above you. I just thought that it would be the cool thing to do. And I always have to act so cool in front of you. Always act so cool. I was a fool to ever think that you would go for a guy like me. Always act so cool. I was a tool to ever think that this could have a happy ending.
Am I Tom? 01:25
Am I Tom? She's clean now but she sleeps a lot. She says she like me but we don't talk that much. We make plans and she always ends up flaking. It was dumb to let her know my heart was there to take it. I'm sensitive. That's what she thinks I know a guy, we can call him Tom. He's petty and he's stubborn and he won't back down. He's always right and I'm never wrong and he only comes around just to ruin my fun. He's such a dick but I'm used to it. Well, I'll eat my words. I guess it's not just girls that are crazy, cause some guys can be the littlest bitches. Are you on your period? And I'm the one that's sensitive...
Tell me why must you leave me hanging out to dry. This life as know it, took a turn for the worst baby and know why. Just as I expected, you’re leaving me again. Your friendship, I neglected. But you were never a friend. Your high off the weed you bought, the pills you stole. I don’t know why you go on living this way but I guess it’s fine. Call me. Hang up. Call back. My luck, I’ll see you at the beach. Your telephone, I cant reach. Late night, I come home. I know that I’ll be alone. Cause lately I’ve been fucking living in sin. You’ll see me at the bar. I won’t be going too far. You’ll see me kissing her but it’s not what I’d prefer. I’ll get drunk then I’ll leave. You got some tricks up your sleeve. Cause lately it seems I can never win. You’ll see me at the party. Last place I wanted to be. I know you miss him. The guy you know from the gym. You’ll get drunk and stop by only to tell me goodbye. I realize you and I, we can never be.
Badussy Girl 01:34
Come here baby let me hold your hand. I can teach you how to dance. Gimme a twirl. Come and meet my friends. You can drunk, ill take the wheel. I'll teach you how to steal red bull and beef jerky. We can hang out when you come to the shore. I can teach you power chords. We can break some strings. We can go out on a pizza date. I'll teach you how to skate. Buy you a beer and bust you a jailhouse.
What's wrong with me? It's nothing. But I think it's funny you like me. Cause I think id rather be lonely. I can't explain it If everything just fell in line, I'd have nothing left to bitch about. And I like complaining. Show me someone who doesn't. Am I alright? Don't leave me I'll be fine. Just leave me. Say anything. Cause I'm not sitting in silence. I'm not anything. I'm not sorry or hungry or tired. It's nothing. I'm not anything.
Your boots are laced. You’re clocking in. So you can look forward to lunch again. You make dinero for the kids. They don’t appreciate a thing you did. She’s running all around with everyone in town. You’re trying not to let that bring you down. You still get up and grind every single day thinking “how the hell did things turn out this way?” Your wife is out. Your kids’ are in bed. So you can drink until your face gets red. Think about the life you could have had. What things were like before you were a dad. You try to make a living and they just don’t care. Hoping that you can find true love elsewhere. And now you’re left at home with responsibilities thinking “how the hell did this happen to me? There must be more than this. (more)To life. What did I miss? And it’s a sin. Your time’s begun. So you can just forget about having fun. On your hands, count the wars you’ve won. You haven’t even used a thumb. I built this on my own. A place to call a home.


released February 3, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Devin Scheck
Mastered by Shawn Hebert
All music written and recorded by Case Race.
Additional vocals by Gianna Pelletier (20 Something) and Ricky Gentek (Rice and Beans)

Album art by Andrew Williamson


all rights reserved



Case Race Lower Township, New Jersey

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