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She said “ horror movies scare the shit out of me. So wrap your arms around me. Don’t let me be.”
She said “ being alone is way too scary.” But when you’re up at school you got someone keeping you company.

I remember when I was a boy. I didn’t have a care in the world. Now I’m all alone, depressed over some girl. This isn’t quite what I pictured growing up to be. So painful and alone. I’m no longer 23.

So painful and so alone. I used to think it was a catch but it just snatched me up from the beginning.

I know I’ve been acting weird lately. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I wouldn’t ever put anything above you. I just thought that it would be the cool thing to do. And I always have to act so cool in front of you.

Always act so cool. I was a fool to ever think that you would go for a guy like me.
Always act so cool. I was a tool to ever think that this could have a happy ending.


from Gimme Yer Keys, released February 3, 2017



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Case Race Lower Township, New Jersey

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