No Use

from by Case Race



He's not trying to impress her.

He's just looking to undress her.

And she's always looking over his shoulder

And he acts like he don't even know her.

But if she gets too attached then she'll never leave the sack. And she'll ruin all his chances of him ever getting his ex back.

He said he wanted to date her.

In 2 weeks I know he will hate her.

Cause he's so afraid to be single and I know she's just trying to mingle.

But it's him that's feeling sorry, but only for himself. Cause he doesn't have the strength to take his sorrows and just keep them to himself

She's so afraid to be alone.

He's just looking to bone.

You never showed any interest. You only want her cause somebody else's.

You know you never gave 2 shits. You never wanted her till she was his

He's way too stubborn to walk away with pride. He doesn't care whether she either lives or if she dies. He'll do it one more time.

I told him time and time again. He just says he wants a girlfriend. I don't know what is left to say. Soon you'll be dead anyway.


from Gimme Yer Keys, released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Case Race Lower Township, New Jersey

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